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Area environmental Ganesha Bandung Institute of Technology campus on Saturday morning November 22, was already busy enough with student activities. In accordance with the implementation plan drawn up, in the morning will be conducted seminar / public lecture in cooperation with the insurance committee School of Business and Management ITB. Implementation of this second time the theme Role of Insurance Risk Management Global Financial Crisis.

The insurance industry is an industry included in the financial industry so that the global financial crisis, it is not the insurance industry may not be a crisis too. Conditions and what the issue facing the insurance industry and how the insurance industry would define the crisis as a risk that must be managed it tries to be described here. The topics raised seemed to attract interest and curiosity of the participants, organizers had to provide extra seats for participants who sign up directly on that morning because the seats had been prepared and adjusted to the limited size of the room is not too large.

The event opened with a welcome session of the Vice Dean of Resources Division SBM ITB, Dr. Ir. Sudarso Kaderi Wiryono. Also attending and giving a speech the Chairman of the Federation of Indonesian Insurance Associations (FAPI), Mother Mira Sih'hati, AAAIK, CIIB and the Ministry of Finance representatives, Mr. Basuki, as Head of Institutional Insurance.

Entered later into the core program sessions, Moderator, Ir. Ahmad Herlanto Anggono, MBA leads the event by introducing the speakers of the PT. BNI Life. Speakers who initially numbered three people, must be reduced to two as the second speaker Ir. Parluhutan Manalu, MM, CWM was unable to attend, then the topics that will be transferred to the ferry brought Eko Syahsono (Leader of Sub-Division Training Unit Training & Recruitment Agency) is brought Introduction to Introduction to Insurance and Insurance Industry, while the main topic The Role Asurasi Risk Manjemen Crisis Global performed by Drs. Sudirman, MBA, Director of Finance PT. BNI Life.

The participants who followed acarapun listen well, because the teachers give the task to take the essence of the seminar and poured it into a report form that must be collected at the end of the event, the event also helped support this idea by providing free hadih insurance policy from PT. BNI Life for the best resume writers.

At the last session moderator opened a question and answer session and invited participants to ask questions freely to the speakers. The question as it was his diverse as the composition of participants also varied, ranging from the lecturers, S1 and S2 students from various fields of scientific study in ITB. The speakers answered the questions one by one and give some short tips that might be useful.

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